Going to the beach just got easier… Beach Made Easy, or BeMe for short, offers a solution to the hassle of lugging your chairs and umbrellas to the beach. With a simple ordering procedure that allows you to pick your specific public beach, coupled with an attendant who handles all set up and tear down, your vacation planning just got easier. 


From our brand new fleet of chairs and umbrellas to our outstanding customer service BeMe is unmatched by any other beach vendor on 30A!

How Do I Schedule?

  • Start your rental on the first day you wish to have beach service set(s). End your rental on the last day you will use the service.

  • For online booking, select your desired beach access from the drop-down locations.

  • If you do not see your desired beach access, please call our office at (850) 963-7427.

Beach Service

Our attendants will set up, tear down, and store your chairs and umbrella for the duration of your rental. No more loading chairs and carrying everything to the beach. With our brand-new chairs for the 2022 season, you can enjoy relaxing in the sun and sand without the hassle and frustration of packing up and tearing down every day.


Each set includes two brand new canvas arm chairs with foot rests and a 6'6 umbrella. All fabric is the highest end Sunbrella fabric, designed to be the most comfortable and durable in the industry.

Beach Service Requirements

Beach Made Easy can only set up this service rental if the following requirements are met:
- Service is to be set up along the public beaches of 30A or Inlet Beach only. It is the guest’s responsibility to select a public beach area for beach service set to be set up based on the selections from our site.
- BeMe cannot set up rental equipment on any beach that has a contracted beach service. On 30A, these areas include, but are not limited to Rosemary Beach, Water’s Edge, Seacrest Beach, Alys Beach, WaterSound, Seaside, and WaterColor.
- Beach sets may not be moved from the rented locations.
- Guests are responsible for selecting the location of the desired service. Changes subsequent to booking are not allowed without direct contact with a staff member.


Explore 30A’s scenic bike trails on brand new, state of the art, E-Bikes manufactured by Giant-Momentum. This top-of-the-line bike will bring countless hours of riding enjoyment whether you are cruising the iconic 30A bike trial, exploring the numerous communities, or just taking a spin to your favorite local eatery.

With free delivery to your property within the 30A area, our E-Bikes are a fun and exciting way to add hours of enjoyment to your 30A vacation.

E-Bike Service Overview

  • All BeMe E-Bikes are delivered FREE and include one bike (fully charged), one helmet, one charging cord, and one bicycle lock. 

  • Bike Service will include FREE delivery by 9:00 AM to your property on the first day of your rental and will be picked up at 5:00 PM on your last rental day.

  • Your rental will include an instructional video that explains operation of the bike, seat adjustment, helmet sizing, battery charging, and lock usage. 

  •  For scheduling purposes, we DO NOT accept same day orders.

How Do I Schedule?

  • Start your rental on the first day you wish to have your E-Bike. End your rental on that last day that you will use our service.

  • For online booking, type your property address for delivery in the space provided.

  • If you would like to book over the phone, please call our office at (850) 963-7427.

E-BikeRental Requirements


BeachMade Easy can only set up this service rental if the following requirements are met:


  • Service guarantees delivery by 9:00 AM and the renter does NOT need to be present to accept delivery.
  • Pickup begins at 5:00 PM and the renter does NOT need to be present for pickup. However, the bikes and all equipment must be readily accessible to BeMe at the time of pickup. Failure to accommodate the pickup schedule may result in additional monies due by the renter, including up to a charge for one additional rental day.
  • UnderFlorida law, E-Bikes may not be operated by anyone under the age of 16. 
  • By renting E-bikes from BeME, all renters specifically agree to the terms of use. To review the terms of use click here.
  • Florida law prohibits use of E-Bikes on any beach. Any violation of the law is a breach of the rental agreement and will result in immediate termination of the remaining rental period and forfeiture of the rental fee.
  • Renters are responsible for the securing of the E-Bikes at all times when not in use. In the event of theft due to renter’s negligence, renter is fully responsible for the replacement cost of the E-Bike and any missing equipment. Lock them up!
  • Our E-Bikes are weather resistance. However, we ask that our customer’s do their best to store the bikes out inclement weather to protect the electric motors for our next guest.
  • Our E-Bikes can reach up to 22 mph. Please use caution and care when operating. Renter is fully liable for all damage, outside of normal wear and tear, resulting in operator’s recklessness or negligence that occurs during the rental period. The E-Bike will be inspected immediately following your rental period to determine any abuse.
  • Renters agree to wear the helmet provided at all times when operating the E-bike.
  • OurE-Bikes are inspected before each rental to ensure the bike passes our safety inspection checklist prior to delivery. 

Frequently Asked Questions


We will try our very best to accommodate all requests and orders, our goal is for you to have the most enjoyable time on your vacation. In order to achieve this, we ask that all customers place their order at least one day prior to their start date.


Orders canceled 7 days or more prior to delivery will receive a full refund. Cancelations after 7 days but before delivery date will receive a 50% refund. Cancelation on the day of delivery will receive a company credit that is applicable until the end of the calendar year.   


There are no refunds due to inclement weather.  Thus, the standard refund policy will apply.


No, we do not require any deposit on our equipment. If the items are returned damaged or missing, charges will incur according to the terms within our terms and conditions page.


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Unfortunately, Mother Nature does not always cooperate. Thus, there will be no refunds for inclement weather. 


You can always add another day, week, or month if the inventory is available. Please call or rebook online to arrange any extended requests. Let’s face it…. it’s pretty great on 30A, so we will do our best to accommodate. 


We accept all major credit cards.